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What To Expect In Airport Security Service

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What To Expect In Airport Security Service

You’ll never know if you won’t get a hassle free travel upon airport arrival. Since airports are ports of entry and departure, you’ll expect crowds, security queues, passport control queues and duty free queues that can affect your airport arrivals. On top of that, aircraft delays due to bad weather, air landing diversions or security concerns will surely make your arrival and departure a nasty experience. The good news is – limousines are available and ready to aid whenever you want a prompt and punctual airport travel. The bad news is – you can expect nasty things while going to airport and while inside if you are not ready or unaware. Now, learn some of the things you’ll expect in airports for preparedness.

TSA security

TSA or Transport Security Administration which is under the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is responsible for keeping passenger’s and airport security. They have backscatter x-rays that can scan through a person’s body and reveal the things under the clothing. Some of their personnel conduct baggage search, frisking and patting. The US government created the agency just after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Here are the rules below from TSA.


  • Aerosols, creams, liquids, are allowed only if they are sealed in 1 quart sized bag and liquids that don’t exceed 3.4oz or 100 ml. However, those fluid items in the list exceeding the said amount should be in the checked in baggage.


  • Medications and medical devices such as vaccines, pills, intravenous fluid, syringes and bags may undergo TSA screening but labeling them can speed up the screening process.

Prohibited items

  • Most liquids, chemicals and items that have explosive or flammability potentials are prohibited. Some items are allowed in checked in baggage but not in hand carry and vice versa. Below are just the items allowed by TSA.

Prohibited items

Items Carry on Checked in
Foods that don’t exceed 100 ml are allowed both in carry on and checked in Yes Yes
E-cigarettes Yes No
Gel type candles No Yes
Lighters Yes No
Non-flammable liquid or aerosol Yes Yes
Non-flammable liquid or aerosol (exceeding 100.55 ml) No Yes
safety matches Yes No
Small compressed gas cartridges Yes No
Most sharp objects such as knives, forks and cleaves aren’t allowed in carry on with the exception of razors are allowed both in carry on and checked ins No
Yes for razors
Yes for razors
Firearms – All firearms aren’t allowed in carry on but allowed in checked in except for gun powder, flares and gun lighter which are not allowed in both options. No Yes

Airline check in and passport control

  • To avoid being off loaded or left by your airline, allocate 2 hours before the flight. Depending on your location, you can give more extra hours before the flight. Traffic, weather and road conditions can affect your planning and arrival. Always organize your travel documents such as visa, passport, special medication permits and map before planning to fly. Hurrying in last minutes is a sure way to forget any of these documents. Notice that airlines place restrictions on baggage weight including carry on or hand carry bags. Some airlines depending on size and capacity have 25 to 38 kilo baggage per person. Before passing passport control, ensure that you have necessary documents such as visa, boarding pass, passport or documents.

Airline check in and passport control

Limousines that have airport parking and waiting permits are allowed to wait, unload and load their passengers in the designated areas. These areas include Asbury Park, NJ, 99 Bessemer street in Newark International airport (EWR) , Westchester county airport (HPN), Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel, Marriott Hotel La Guardia (LGA) and John F. Kennedy International airport (JFK).

Airport Security Service

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