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Six Limousine Fun Facts That You Might Not Aware Of

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Nicknamed “the Beast,” the limousine of US President Barack Obama was featured by several media in internet and news. And the latest it surfaced on news headlines when it broke down while it was on the trip halfway between David Gurion international airport and Jerusalem. Some sources in secret service said that it was mistakenly filled up with gas instead of diesel. Afterward, a truck towed it away during the US president’s trip to Israel.” It might be a minor setback to the US president’s trip nevertheless the presidential limousine remains one of the best armored and equipped vehicle in the world. The Beast is one among extraordinary limousine that fascinates us and makes us wonder what makes some limousines special. Here we discuss the surprising facts about the incredible limos.

US President’s “the beast” is highly equipped and armored. It has an armored body which is 8 inches thick capable of withstanding stopping assault rifle, shotgun blast, and IED (improvised explosive device) attack. Its door is as thick as of that Boeing 757 airplane which makes it impervious to biochemical attack. It is fully equipped with all the necessary survival tools or gizmos in the case of emergency. There the president can find a blood supply matching his blood type, night vision cameras, oxygen supply, weapons such as grenade launcher and shotgun. Its Shielded Fuel tank has special foam that shields it against explosive weapons such as RPG, landmines, and grenades. It has sturdy tires which can withstand punctures from projectiles and sharp objects because of its Kevlar reinforcement and steel rims. Even if the tires are lost, the car can still escape.

The heaviest limousine in the world – The midnight rider which is a truck limo weighs about 50, 560 lbs and 13 ft and 8 inches high and has the dimensions of (100 ft) or 3.33 m long and 13 feet high. Looking inside you’ll find three lounges, jacuzzi, a room capacity that accommodates about 40 people. The rates are pretty expensive amounting to $1000 per hour. If you can afford to pay that price, then get ready to be served by two drivers, hostess, and bartender. On the other hand, if you are on a budget, you don’t have pay that kind of rates since you can rent a fancy and affordable limo and you can find that from Edison NJ car service and New Jersey limo service.

Limousines come in different styles and make – Limos are not just the typical elegant shiny black sedan type vehicle. Any vehicles can be turned into Limousines. The internet features several pictures of customized limousines namely tank limo, SUV limo, tank limousine, monster truck limo, Ferrari limo, Prius limo, hummer limo, airplane limousine and varied decorated limousines. Some are the same standard limousine vehicles that are customized with different decors and designs.

The word “limousine” came from the name of a cloak or hood – the word used to call these long and elegant vehicles came from clothing. Since the driver compartment resembled the black hood or cloak worn by men in the Limousine region of France, the word limousine found itself as the lasting name for that beautiful and long vehicle.

The longest Limousine ever made – The Guinness book of record named the longest limousine which has the length of 100 ft. Dick Dean, a custom car designer, built the limo for Jay Ohrberg of Burbank, California. Since it is too long, it is divided in its center, which enables it to navigate at corners. Featuring 26 tires and two driver cabins, the monstrous limo has a king-sized size bed, swimming pool and luxurious spa. Anyone riding inside will feel like living in a mobile luxury hotel.

The world’s most expensive limousine is that of Brunei’s sultan – Bruneian Sultan’s Rolls Royce limo has a 24 karat of pure gold plating which consists of the trimmings and Brunei’s coat of arms symbol in embedded in the car. His son, Prince Abdul Malik used it for his wedding and had it installed with a canopy. Limousines need not be expensive to ride on nor too weird for you to enjoy with your cherished wedding or excursion events. Choose the best from the limousine fleet in St. Louis Missouri when you rent one from limo rentals in New Jersey, limo rentals NJ, Edison car service or https://www.affordablelimo.com/blog.php and you’ll love more your special day.

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