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Several Myths About Limousines debunked

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Several Myths About Limousines debunked

Myths existed for a long time since the time immemorial. During the time of Roman Empire, there were Roman Gods bestowed with unlimited, destructive and healing powers. These myths became the source of fantasy, literature, inspiration and awe for ancient men until today. This present time, there were several myths about different abstract ideas, animals, inanimate objects, gastronomy, culture, people, transportation, electronics and everything in this world. There were myths that were popular these days in television, blogs sites, and TV shows. Some of them were tales and urban legends such as the loch ness monster, elves, and Sasquatch. Even vehicles and transportation services have myths about them. Some of the known myths are about limousines services such as the Edison car service or limo rentals NJ. Hailed as transport for the VIP, the rich and the royalty, limousine has a lot of myth that many of the people who haven’t experienced riding them still harbor beliefs its myth.

Limousines debunked are very expensive

– If limousines were just for this group of people then, limousines will have fewer clients. In just one limo package, even the rates come hourly, don’t get intimidated with limousine rental rates of $35 to $60 per hour since you can share them with several passengers. The more your colleagues, the more savings you’ll have. Simply, yellow cab or taxis can’t provide the comfortable ride that limousines offer.

Limousines are just for special and formal occasions

– If this is the case, then what are those party limo buses offered by numerous limo companies. Limos aren’t just for a formal wedding, a night ball party full of guests wearing tuxedoes and flowing dresses. Rather, the limo can be a vehicle for the fun ride of dudes or friends enjoying their recent birthday party or graduation.

Limousines are chauffeured by untrained driver

– Limo drivers undergo special training compared to taxi and sedan drivers. These drivers do not drive an ordinary car; they are driving an expensive transport. They are trained to maneuver every alley, road, and corners of the city. They knew the shortest routes, and they knew how to use maps. In the affordable limo, its drivers drive with professionalism and punctuality.

Limousines are just elegant black four to eight Sedan

– This is far from the truth since there were several types of limousines. In fact, there are customized limo vehicles with different colors and built. Some were weird looking, some were the standard black limo customized with decors, and some were built with the entirely different vehicle body. Take this example – tank limousine, Boeing airplane limousine, Batman mobile limo, bus limo and Lamborghini race car limo. At limo rentals in New Jersey, you will see different limo fleets customized to various occasions.

Low priced limo means low-quality service and vehicle

– While there is a truth to the adage “what you see is what you get” or what you paid is what you get, it is not always the situation where low price vehicles translate into low quality. There are some instances that low priced limo surpasses the quality of expensive limousine services. How this limo became low priced? Well, they managed to keep the cost down because of cost-efficient measures when running their business and hence the low price.

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