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Seven Etiquette For Limousine Hire

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Seven Etiquette For Limousine Hire

Just like in any industry, organizations and businesses, there is an etiquette that should be observed. Etiquette or rules were made for safety, service efficiency and courtesy of passengers, the driver and the limousine owner. If such etiquette weren’t followed, the limousine service fails, dangerous behavior ensues and trouble with the law follows.

Below is the etiquette for limousine hire or rules that are expected to be followed in limo services.

Observe sitting capacity – Various limousine models have different sitting capacity. If your group has 15 people, you can expect to hire a stretch limo but if you have 3 buddies including yourself, it’s convenient to hire a sedan limousine. Exceeding limousine’s capacity may result to passenger discomfort, overcrowding and accidents and problems with insurance policies.

Respect staff and driver – Limo staff and drivers are the reasons why an enjoyable limo ride is successful. A good passenger to driver/staff relationship is essential for that great limo experience. Disrespecting limo drivers is not only unethical but can also lead to the termination of contract.

Observe state alcohol laws – State laws have limits on alcohol intake and prohibit sale to minors. Additionally, consumption of excessive alcohol in public vehicle is also prohibited by law. Now, if you do the contrary and consume too much alcohol while in the limousine, you’ll have safety risk because of intoxication. Worst, you’ll endanger yourself and other passengers.

Don’t smoke – Smoking inside is not only prohibited but can also suffocate passengers and replace that sweet smelling limousine interior with obnoxious smoky smell. Further, lighted cigarettes can pose a fire hazard.

Observe safety rules – Safety rules are for everyone and one of the prohibited behaviors in limousines is sticking one’s head outside the sunroof. Doing that is not only dangerous but fatal if the victim’s head struck an overhead flyover, footbridge or hanging signage. In addition, fighting inside the vehicle or engaging in dangerous behavior is a very bad idea.

Don’t do drugs inside – Snuffing illegal drugs while inside the limo is not only prohibited but also can cause trouble with the law and legal problems for the limousine owner.

Give Tips if necessary – If your driver provided you good and quality service, giving him tips will be surely appreciated. While not mandatory, leaving tips is a good way to show appreciation for the service and the driver.

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