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What To Ask In A Limousine Service Company

Cheap limousines do not necessarily mean that they are depreciated vehicles, rather it is just inexpensive. Cheap limousine services are not in any way different from limousine services of high class. It depends on whether the limousine company would provide services for the upscale market. If they do, it then means that they will be expensive. For the average or middle earning people, the idea of hiring a less expensive limousine service is a luxury which they can afford.

Limousines are luxury vehicles or a means of transport for special occasions. Occasions which are commonly suited for limousines are tours, bachelor or bachelorette parties, funeral, airport limousine services, wedding s, prom limousine service, gala or corporate events or any other occasion requested by a client.

If you are hiring a limousine service for the first time, here are some questions you can ask your limousine service company.

    1. Find out if the company has a license to operate. Transport companies are expected to have authority from the federal government to operate their business from the department for transportation as well as authority from the local state. Ensure that they have this.


    1. Make sure you find out if the limousine company you intend to hire has affiliations to reputable organizations such as the National Limousine Association and their local liver association as well.


    1. Find out if their pricing strategy is based on per hour or per event. Ask for overtime availability and overtime charges, if there are any. As also if there is a starting time policy for the limousine company. For most limousine companies, your time begins at the time of initial pick up. Some others may start charging you right from when the chauffeur exits the garage.


    1. Ask about the age of the limousine company in the business. The older the company, the more experience they are likely to have in the industry. The more reliable they will be if they have more experience.


  1. Inquire if you will be allowed to see the vehicle you will be hiring. If you do not have the time to do this, you may ask your contact as the company to send an email to you containing all of the vehicle\’s features and specifications including its passenger size and ratio. Ask what their fleets of vehicles are. Usually, there are party buses, shuttle vans, sedans, Rolls Royce, Escalades, SUV hummers, super stretch limousines, standard stretch or just any vehicle that has a corporate appearance and can contain a minimum of five persons.

Advantages Of Getting An Airport Limousine Service For Your Winter Holiday

Going on a winter vacation? Stressed with all the packing and preparation you still need to do? Then why not make things easier for you by booking an airport limousine service today?

Contrary to what people think about limousines being super expensive, airport limousine services have actually become very affordable. There are many companies today that offer packages and special rates for their airport limo services. Also, if you are traveling as a big group, you can easily split up the bill and have yourself the convenience of a stand by transportation when you arrive at the airport.

No more looking for taxi terminals or asking how to buy tickets for the train. Having an airport limousine for your winter vacation can save you time, money, and the hassle of waiting out in extremely cold temperatures.

Advantages of an Airport Limousine Service

Hassle-free ride from the airport to your hotel. Do you dread getting lost in a new country or city? Are you on a business trip and can’t afford to be late for your meetings? Looking for a way to get out of the airport and get to your hotel in the shortest, most convenient way possible? An airport limousine is one of the best solutions for all these situations.

When you book a limo, your chauffeur will meet you right at the airport terminal and drive you directly to your hotel or next destination. This assures that you will arrive not only on time, but also in style! All you need to do is claim your luggage, hop on your limo, and enjoy the scenery of the city. Now, isn’t that a great way to start a vacation, business trip, or event?

Less Stress and Worries During Your Ride. As a busy traveler, you already have a lot of things in your mind. Why add another thing on the list such as traffic, directions, or road conditions during the winter when you can just book an airport limousine to take care of all of that for you? With your own limousine service, you can easily relax the moment you arrive at the airport. Knowing that you have a ready/stand-by vehicle to bring you where you need to be can help you take off a huge load of your back when you\’re traveling and actually make your trip more enjoyable.

Group Travel Made Easy. You might not always be a lone traveler. Sometimes large groups and several people may be with you for your winter trip. Why not make your life more organized and less stressful by reserving an airport limousine or transportation service for the entire group? This will make sure everybody is in one vehicle and will arrive together at the hotel, conference venue, event, etc. You can of course reserve several limos, vans or airport shuttle services depending on the total number of people traveling at that time. At least with a reserved vehicle, you can be sure that everybody is together, no one gets lost, and things go exactly as planned for your winter trip.

With all these great advantages of booking an airport limo for your winter vacation, won’t you call one today? If you are travelling in New York, New Jersey, or other nearby areas for your winter vacation, Affordable Limo Service can help you get the airport limousine, SUVs, and vans you need. Some of their transportation services in NY and NJ include:

  • Limo/car rentals
  • Limos for Weddings
  • Proms and Sweet Sixteen
  • Sporting events
  • Casino/Night outs
  • Group City Tours
  • And much more!

Call for your reservation today at: 7323461600 or send an email to info@affordablelimo.com. There’s also a way to get a FREE quote on the website for your chosen type of vehicle.

Six Limousine Fun Facts That You Might Not Aware Of

Nicknamed “the Beast,” the limousine of US President Barack Obama was featured by several media in internet and news. And the latest it surfaced on news headlines when it broke down while it was on the trip halfway between David Gurion international airport and Jerusalem. Some sources in secret service said that it was mistakenly filled up with gas instead of diesel. Afterward, a truck towed it away during the US president’s trip to Israel.” It might be a minor setback to the US president’s trip nevertheless the presidential limousine remains one of the best armored and equipped vehicle in the world. The Beast is one among extraordinary limousine that fascinates us and makes us wonder what makes some limousines special. Here we discuss the surprising facts about the incredible limos.

US President’s “the beast” is highly equipped and armored. It has an armored body which is 8 inches thick capable of withstanding stopping assault rifle, shotgun blast, and IED (improvised explosive device) attack. Its door is as thick as of that Boeing 757 airplane which makes it impervious to biochemical attack. It is fully equipped with all the necessary survival tools or gizmos in the case of emergency. There the president can find a blood supply matching his blood type, night vision cameras, oxygen supply, weapons such as grenade launcher and shotgun. Its Shielded Fuel tank has special foam that shields it against explosive weapons such as RPG, landmines, and grenades. It has sturdy tires which can withstand punctures from projectiles and sharp objects because of its Kevlar reinforcement and steel rims. Even if the tires are lost, the car can still escape.

The heaviest limousine in the world – The midnight rider which is a truck limo weighs about 50, 560 lbs and 13 ft and 8 inches high and has the dimensions of (100 ft) or 3.33 m long and 13 feet high. Looking inside you’ll find three lounges, jacuzzi, a room capacity that accommodates about 40 people. The rates are pretty expensive amounting to $1000 per hour. If you can afford to pay that price, then get ready to be served by two drivers, hostess, and bartender. On the other hand, if you are on a budget, you don’t have pay that kind of rates since you can rent a fancy and affordable limo and you can find that from Edison NJ car service and New Jersey limo service.

Limousines come in different styles and make – Limos are not just the typical elegant shiny black sedan type vehicle. Any vehicles can be turned into Limousines. The internet features several pictures of customized limousines namely tank limo, SUV limo, tank limousine, monster truck limo, Ferrari limo, Prius limo, hummer limo, airplane limousine and varied decorated limousines. Some are the same standard limousine vehicles that are customized with different decors and designs.

The word “limousine” came from the name of a cloak or hood – the word used to call these long and elegant vehicles came from clothing. Since the driver compartment resembled the black hood or cloak worn by men in the Limousine region of France, the word limousine found itself as the lasting name for that beautiful and long vehicle.

The longest Limousine ever made – The Guinness book of record named the longest limousine which has the length of 100 ft. Dick Dean, a custom car designer, built the limo for Jay Ohrberg of Burbank, California. Since it is too long, it is divided in its center, which enables it to navigate at corners. Featuring 26 tires and two driver cabins, the monstrous limo has a king-sized size bed, swimming pool and luxurious spa. Anyone riding inside will feel like living in a mobile luxury hotel.

The world’s most expensive limousine is that of Brunei’s sultan – Bruneian Sultan’s Rolls Royce limo has a 24 karat of pure gold plating which consists of the trimmings and Brunei’s coat of arms symbol in embedded in the car. His son, Prince Abdul Malik used it for his wedding and had it installed with a canopy. Limousines need not be expensive to ride on nor too weird for you to enjoy with your cherished wedding or excursion events. Choose the best from the limousine fleet in St. Louis Missouri when you rent one from limo rentals in New Jersey, limo rentals NJ, Edison car service or https://www.affordablelimo.com/blog.php and you’ll love more your special day.

Several Myths About Limousines debunked

Myths existed for a long time since the time immemorial. During the time of Roman Empire, there were Roman Gods bestowed with unlimited, destructive and healing powers. These myths became the source of fantasy, literature, inspiration and awe for ancient men until today. This present time, there were several myths about different abstract ideas, animals, inanimate objects, gastronomy, culture, people, transportation, electronics and everything in this world. There were myths that were popular these days in television, blogs sites, and TV shows. Some of them were tales and urban legends such as the loch ness monster, elves, and Sasquatch. Even vehicles and transportation services have myths about them. Some of the known myths are about limousines services such as the Edison car service or limo rentals NJ. Hailed as transport for the VIP, the rich and the royalty, limousine has a lot of myth that many of the people who haven’t experienced riding them still harbor beliefs its myth.

Limousines are very expensive

– If limousines were just for this group of people then, limousines will have fewer clients. In just one limo package, even the rates come hourly, don’t get intimidated with limousine rental rates of $35 to $60 per hour since you can share them with several passengers. The more your colleagues, the more savings you’ll have. Simply, yellow cab or taxis can’t provide the comfortable ride that limousines offer.

Limousines are just for special and formal occasions

– If this is the case, then what are those party limo buses offered by numerous limo companies. Limos aren’t just for a formal wedding, a night ball party full of guests wearing tuxedoes and flowing dresses. Rather, the limo can be a vehicle for the fun ride of dudes or friends enjoying their recent birthday party or graduation.

Limousines are chauffeured by untrained driver

– Limo drivers undergo special training compared to taxi and sedan drivers. These drivers do not drive an ordinary car; they are driving an expensive transport. They are trained to maneuver every alley, road, and corners of the city. They knew the shortest routes, and they knew how to use maps. In the affordable limo, its drivers drive with professionalism and punctuality.

Limousines are just elegant black four to eight Sedan

– This is far from the truth since there were several types of limousines. In fact, there are customized limo vehicles with different colors and built. Some were weird looking, some were the standard black limo customized with decors, and some were built with the entirely different vehicle body. Take this example – tank limousine, Boeing airplane limousine, Batman mobile limo, bus limo and Lamborghini race car limo. At limo rentals in New Jersey, you will see different limo fleets customized to various occasions.

Low priced limo means low-quality service and vehicle

– While there is a truth to the adage “what you see is what you get” or what you paid is what you get, it is not always the situation where low price vehicles translate into low quality. There are some instances that low priced limo surpasses the quality of expensive limousine services. How this limo became low priced? Well, they managed to keep the cost down because of cost-efficient measures when running their business and hence the low price.

Meet an affordable limo of your choice for your memorable occasion by visiting Edison NJ car service, New Jersey limo service or https://affordablelimo.com/blog

Why Get The Limousine Service For Holidays

The winter holidays are coming at a rapid pace, and with them the need to purchase presents. At the same time, you also need to optimize your schedule in order to visit the entire family, and that on its own can be really exciting, as long as you have the proper New Jersey limo service to help you get from one place to another fast and in style. One has to wonder though, which are the benefits that come from working with the limo rentals in New Jersey? Let’s find that out right away!


Right off the bat, when you want to perform limo rentals NJ you think all about the convenience. Getting from one place to another during winter can be troublesome and hard to perform, but with the help of Edison Car Service you can obtain the ultimate convenience all the time. The limo will pick you up from your home and then you can guide it wherever you want, all while sitting safely inside.

Ease of use

The Edison NJ car service is very easy to use, and that on its own can offer quite a lot of value. Basically, the limo rentals are fast to acquire, via a phone call, and that on its own makes the experience fast and reliable which is really impressive on its own.

Good pricing

Renting cars during the winter can get quite expensive, especially due to the high demand, but with the Edison Car Service you won’t have to worry about that. We can always provide you ith the best cars on the market and you don’t have to worry about busy periods, we will always be there for you so that you can get to your friends and family fast.


Limo rentals in New Jersey were all about coming to a party or visiting your loved ones in style. Actually, the limo rentals NJ are designed to offer plenty of amazing experiences and very good results that you will appreciate.

High quality

The New Jersey limo service we offer is all about quality, about allowing you to travel in comfort during the holidays and spreading the holiday spirit with your loved one. We take care of your comfort and ensure that you obtain the ultimate limo experience, all with help from the Edison Car Service.

In conclusion, if you really want to have the best possible experience and access the ultimate limo service on the market, all you have to do is to access the Edison NJ car service. Refined, professional and truly dedicated to all users, Edison Car Service is here to help you. Don’t hesitate and take complete advantage of our amazing holiday prices, you will surely appreciate the exciting experience and great results. Get the ultimate limo rentals NJ from us right away and experience the holidays in a much more interesting fashion!

Affordable limousine service is an affordable and quality limousine and sedan services in New Jersey. We have qualified chauffeurs, 30 years of experience in limo industry and well maintained fleet. Learn more about us when you click our sites at limo rentals in New Jersey, Edison NJ car service, New Jersey limo service and https://www.affordablelimo.com

6 International Travel Hacks For Saving Money on Trips

Travelling is surely a great experience and of course if you go beyond your country’s borders. And that would be more interesting if you visit your favorite places – historical, economic and cultural. Even locally, there are many waiting for your discovery. Travelling, without proper planning and budget can be costly and to avoid that, research and follow this travel hacks. Be an adventurer like Indiana Jones, and ready your backpack, compass, GPS-capable smart phone, passport for international travel, and bucks.

  1. Organize your belongings – Fit your hand carry that fits all your vital travel documents, laptop and smart phone. The same for baggage you’ll have to maximize the space as possible to avoid excess weight and paying extra weight charge. Know the prohibited items in hand-carry and what are allowed. For instance, many airport customs don’t allow liquid containing items into hand carries although they allow them into baggage.
  2. Book in advance to take advantage of cheap flights. An inexpensive flight from United Airlines posted on the internet will be gone after minutes if you’re unable to secure it. If you are 100% sure of your itinerary, you can go straight for booking online. Helpful sites are airfarewatchdog.com, orbitz.com, skyscanner.com, kayak.com, seatguru.com and bookingbuddy.com.
  3. Travel in the economy class – If you are into inexpensive flight just beyond booking in advance, travel in the economy class instead of business class. In economy class, you can make more friends, and be safer since economy class is in the middle. The meal is not that bad as claimed by some, economy class meal is great, complete with full meal, snacks, and offerings of juice, water and coffee and even wine. Although you can’t recline further in economy, still it’s enough to relax throughout your flight.
  4. Use affordable transport such as Limousine or sedan service – Not only affordable and comfortable than taxis, limousines and sedan or car services are safe and secure. They have trained and professional drivers who know the ins and outs of the city. If you visit New Jersey, and looking for limo rentals in new jersey, try Edison car service or limo rentals NJ. They have affordable rates compared to other limos and sedan rentals without compromising service.
  5. Go for connecting flights – Have you travelled before where you transferred in a nearby city before your city destination? – Then that is connecting flight. Connecting flights are always cheaper than non-stops since the former carries convenience tax. In connecting flights, you’ll have the opportunity to visit nearby cities or places that stands between your city of origin and your city of destination. Plus, you can have 1 to 2 hours of shopping and picture-taking which you can add in your social media accounts. For instance, if you’re from New York, you can have a connecting flight in Caracas, Venezuela before arriving in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  6. Fly in off-season – Flying during holidays such as thanks giving days and Christmas days, July 4, Labor Day and Memorial Day, weather, summer months will surely surprise you with higher fares. The off seasons are mid-January and February’s end.

Affordable Limo Service is a trusted, reliable and affordable limousine and sedan service in Edison, Newark, New Jersey offering services for any occasions such as Airport, service and travel, proms, weddings, sweet sixteen, sporting events, casino, night outs, corporate travel, and rentals. Why choose us? Here are the reasons – We have 30 years in limo industry, we have qualified chauffeurs, 24 hours and 7 days a week service and recognition as an award winning limo and airport transport service. Visit us at Edison NJ car serviceNew Jersey limo service or https://www.affordablelimo.com or call our hotlines – direct (732) 346-1600 and local (908) 296-3031

3 Great Benefits of a Limo for Your Next New Jersey Event

A ,limo or party bus could be all you need to make your next outing in New Jersey, Edison, or Newark the tale of your neighborhood long after it’s done. Want to find out how? You’ll see. Limo rides offer luxury and comfort that helps to make people feel very special, a feeling that is great to have perfectly special and memorable events. Whether you’d be celebrating your graduations, weddings, proms, and anniversaries, a limo ride offers a whole lot more than the luxury which seems its major point of attraction. We’ll discuss three out of these very important benefits so you can easily distinguish your next outing from the rest.

Contrary to what people think about limousines being super expensive, airport limousine services have actually become very affordable. There are many companies today that offer packages and special rates for their airport limo services. Also, if you are traveling as a big group, you can easily split up the bill and have yourself the convenience of a stand by transportation when you arrive at the airport.

Space for Large Parties

While a regular limo can accommodate a few guests for intimate gatherings and party, larger limo buses can accommodate guests about 20 to 50 as they are spacious and large enough. As long as you have a driveway or parking space that is large enough, you can start the party right on the limo and take it anywhere you want. The space is also large enough that you do not have to worry about being confined to your seats as you can move and dance freely throughout. So, when you fantasize about partying on the road, limo buses are all you need to make your dreams come true.

Suitable for Longer Trips

Thinking about cruising around over a long distance? There’s no better way to achieve this than with a limo ride. Because the space in limo buses is wide enough and the comfort is unparalleled, your trips, rather than being hectic and tiring would only get more pleasurable and sweeter with each mile. You’ve got the possibility of entertaining your guests with music, movies, foods, and everything else you’ll need for your party. So, this remains a great way to have an entire wedding party on the road. Birthday parties, prom nights and more are not left out as the limo can be specially designed and decorated to fit whatever event you’d want.

Much Fun for the Whole Family

While many people often associate limo parties and ride with adult functions, children are not meant to be left out too. For parents, having a children’s party on the limo bus can be very beneficial. Apart from being very exciting and fun for younger ones, parents won’t have to worry about cleaning up a part venue or their home after the party. It also gives parents the opportunity to decorate the limo interior as you want as long as it is not something permanent. Movie screenings or even game systems can even be incorporated into the setup to make it livelier and fun for children. Limo parties are suitable for all age ranges and kids are not to be left out of the fun.

For parties in the New Jersey, Newark, Edison, and surrounding areas, celebrants and event planners can easily hire limousine vehicles of different sizes and design to make their parties more memorable. Affordable Limo Service is the foremost provider of these services in the aforementioned areas and for an affordable price, you can get a valuable blend of luxury with comfort and much fun.

Etiquettes which are Essential when Using a Limo Service

Limo service is known by everyone for making various occasions special regardless of whether it is a prom, date, and wedding. Limos are synonymous to luxury and style, which is the main reason why you will find various limo service providers from one place to another.

It is a great idea to book a reputable limo service if you want to have a stylish and luxurious entry in any occasion. Limo can be used to go or come back from the airport or used to attend various weddings. But so as to make the Limo comfortable, it is essential to follow some etiquettes of riding in a luxurious limousine.

Show Respect

It is essential to treat the limo driver whom you will be travelling together with lots of respect because this is one of the basic etiquettes which you have to consider. The limos which are used for prom night, wedding, birthday parties as well as other special occasions are very expensive; this is why you need to handle the vehicle properly. When using the vehicle, you should think of it as your own personal property so that you will be able to keep the vehicle in a good condition and this will also result to a great trip. In addition to that respect the driver because he will be trying everything possible so that you have a nice time.

Seating Capacity

All the model of limousine has a pre-fixed seating capacity and the passenger limit should be respected. An itch free journey would be obtained if the capacity of the vehicle is maintained by the people who rented it and not overloading the limo.

Moreover, each and every model of limousines has their seating capacity, which has been decided by law, and the space which will enhance a safe ride should be maintained. If the rule is not followed by the user, there are several limo service providers who have the right to terminate the service agreement at the last moment. And you should not argue with the limo driver under any circumstance.

Local Laws

Another limo service Etiquette is to follow local rules which apply in your own area. The rule which relates to the service varies from one place to the other and also from one region to another and they are set by the legal authorities of the area. Some of the rules which are common include the prohibition against passenger standing up through the sunroof, the consumption of alcohol by underage passengers, the use of illegal drugs etc. if any of the behavior mentioned is exhibited, it can result to the termination of limo service without any refund.

Personal Belongings

The passenger has to take care of their personal belongings and other valuables. Valuables should not be left behind in a limo while travelling in it. Limo rental companies would not be responsible for the theft of any of the client’s personal items.


When a good service is provided, the driver deserves to be tipped so as to appreciate the memorable and comfortable journey. Most limo drivers are known to be friendly and provide great help if they are respected and you also abide by the laws of the limo company. A limo driver deserves to be recognized for the effort provided during the journey. A tipping etiquette for limo service should be around 15-20%. The tip should be placed in an envelope and handed to the limo driver at the end of the trip.

For all your limo services needs in New Jersey, Newark, Edison, and surrounding areas, Affordable Limo Service is the company to call. Contact us today!

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